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I would like to start a trend.

Everyone who wants to show that they are against the social-justice madness, please order for yourself an I AM SPARTACUS t-shirt. You can find many online. I have just ordered 3.

I AM SPARTACUS is a reference to this scene in the 1960 film "Spartacus". Spartacus was the leader of a slave rebellion in the Roman empire that was successful for a short time, but which the Roman army eventually crushed. In the movie, the army commander tells the rebel slaves that they can live as long as they give up Spartacus. To obscure the identity of the real Spartacus, other slaves stand up and say “I AM SPARTACUS”. Of course, they are all killed.

The reason why it's relevant is that if you stand up to the social-justice movement you will likely suffer severe consequences, just like the men who claimed to be Spartacus did.

To be truly worthy of wearing an I AM SPARTACUS t-shirt, you must commit that if you are told that wearing an I AM SPARTACUS t-shirt is against the policy of your work or school, you will wear it just as much as before. That is the I AM SPARTACUS promise, and it is the bond that links all the members of the I AM SPARTACUS movement.

In the movie all the spartacuses are very similar-looking white males, but that is not what the I AM SPARTACUS movement is about. It is about standing up to the social-justice madness and asking for an equal playing field for everyone; and it's about standing up against witch hunts and lies, and caring about the truth. The I AM SPARTACUS movement is open to everyone; that is important.

Please feel free to create I AM SPARTACUS web-pages, local groups and products. I am only the first one, but I hope that others will stand up and say, like me,


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